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Saturday, July 31, 2004

i'm angry, and you should be too.

10 reasons you fuckers lost out with the demise of judekyle.

10. January 2003: Brother Jude tells us why hate is important, why we can't have love without it and why bush's greatest evil is his love of america.

Yes hatred can be a horrible thing. It can lead to genocide, war and abuse – all forms of violence physical and mental. But so can love. Love is equally responsible for acts of genocide, war, and abuse. Love co-exists with hate in almost every act of violence one can conjure: the Holocaust was as much about Hitler’s love for the German people as it was about his hatred of the Jews; Bush’s war on Iraq is as much about his love for the US as it is about his hatred of Saddam; and my father’s abuse of me as a child is as much about his love for my mother as it was hatred for me.

9. February 2003: Brother Jude tries in vain to wake us up. How many times did he try?

You are dead. You…the person reading this, the slave of North America’s exploitative, consumerist, propagandist society. You are dead. Oh! you may think you’re alive, reading your newspaper or magazine, drinking your decaf, venti, vanilla, non-fat, no foam latte, but you’re not. You’re dead.

8. February 2003: Brother Jude gives us one of the most memorable peices of short writing i've read. These lucid pictures, built on his words will be with me to the day i die. But, i made the effort to read it. To absorb it. To feel it. How many chances did we get to do this?

i'll know her instantly. steel blue eyes, barely discernable eyebrows, wisps of hair cross hatching the horizontal creases of her forehead. her tan is the darkness of freckles. her hair is so truly blonde, and she's spent so much time in the sun, that i can barely find a fleck of white amid her blanket of deep brown freckles. but it is her lips that i can't get enough of. large, full, cracked by the sun, and as freckled as the rest of her, they are a wonder of dried crimson.

7. March 2003: Brother Jude shares his uniquely honest american shame and encourages discussion and action. You've heard of action right? and no, its not when you get off the couch to get a beer.

the war on iraq is wrong. the united states of america, my country, is the world's most horrifying aggressor. i am ashamed of my country and it needs to be stopped. and if thomas jefferson were alive today he'd agree with me completely. just read his constitution folks: he put down the ground rules for revolution and this is certainly one of those times.

6. April 2003: Brother Jude shares one of the most pain-filled parts of him, and how it taught him about love and beauty. Honest. Real. Human.

i look up and i see a picture of my grandfather. he was one of the most important people in my life, the man who taught me to see beauty in everything, my namesake, and he was murdered so long ago. sad that my mind always goes to that thought, to his murder, when i think of him

5. May 2003: Brother Jude gives us some historical context for the fascist slde of the US. Saying what many think, but few would say. What many fear but few dare contemplate.

the shift toward fascism is not a new development in the united states. the u.s. economy began its inexhorable slide toward fascism as far back as america's furthest left president, franklin delano roosevelt (or, perhaps, the slide began further back still. it could very well be the reponsibility of abraham lincoln and his disregard for the constitution, or maybe it began with jefferson and the creation of an economy based on slavery). f.d.r. loosened the control of competition, allowing monopolies -- or near monopolies -- to spring up in several war and civil industries. this process continues today.

4. September 2003: Brother Jude shares his vision, his strength and his passion, and shows us inside the creative mind. But, that's work too. isn't it?

my caesar will make all the men and women equal in their dress. women will be warriors and senators, not just wives. women will do battle with rocks and stone caesar to death side by side with the men. if the entire cast is without shirts and the men "act" as though this is normal then it will appear normal to the audience and become invisible -- particularly when it is juxtaposed with the cleanliness and clothing of the soothsayer.

3. October 2003: Brother Jude facilitates the creation of an interactively written play through a blog and comments, encouraging creativity, engagement, and an equal chance for everyone to be a part of the creative process. How many took part? How many watched The Bachelor?

hamlet lives by the deaths of rosencrantz and guildenstern; oedipus saves his people through his figurative sacrifice (his crippling at the hands of creon) and his literal sacrifice (his blinding).

2. October 2003: Brother jude shows us, that behind all that brain power, he's more about love than you might ever guess. And more fragility. And more humanity than most would ever share in a public forum.

but she'd come home because she was sick. not sick in a bad way, it's just that she's been fighting a cold for a week and the babies finally told her that she needed to stay home and rest. so she came into the bedroom to kiss my lips, probably through a fog of stinky morning breath, and she whispered to me that she was going to go get some groceries and then she'd be right back home. she'd be right back home.suddenly, fatigue took my body and the comfort of knowing she'd be here while i slept made me long for sleep. i begged for a blanket to keep me warm. she asked if i need pillows for my hips, but i told her i had enough to do the job. she was gone and then back with the blanket, wrapping me up like she will our children. i felt safe and loved, and i slept.

1. November 2003: Brother Jude, facing his greatest public failure, for his most ambitious project demonstrates he is more about meaning than being right. He admits his flaws, he admits his hopes and he stands behind his team when they are attacked. Taking the bullet for us.

he was totally right in his criticism of the imbalanced vocal performances -- some were strong and some were desperately weak. he didn't like the soundscape, nor the lack of physical interaction with the actress -- both artisitic choices that i remain proud of and believe work well. and he didn't like my lead actress, the girl playing brutus. but she's doing precisely what i've asked of her and her failings -- which i don't see -- are solely my responsibility. i directed her to be quiet with her body and react with her eyes (a strong choice in the intimate space we're playing in). i directed her to find the powerful core of brutus and not slip into an over-the-top mad woman. and she's doing just that.

I could've put 50 more. He never stopped giving us some of the best parts of him. But you cowards and small minds either ignored him or pigeon-holed him to the point where giving to you was tantamount re-enforcing the "judekyle" stereo type and making it even easier for you to dismiss him rather than do any work, make any effort, expend any thought and meet him in the middle to explore this medium together.

shame on you.

We lost a great one. And his brother jude's last teaching is: If you kick a man enough times, no matter how passionately he cares, he's going to kick back, then he's going to go somewhere else.

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