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Friday, July 30, 2004


stephen, in a comment way back down there around the bottom of the page, says: "I don't believe in death, only change. I think our culture makes the death of our bodies scary and weird, where it is inevitable and commonplace."

and that's well and good, but its a negative. Negatives don't actually say anything. I want Stephen to say something and you do too.

Stephen You don't believe in death, only change, what's that mean?

and later you said, "And it creates an enormaous and mysterious rift between the living and those who have passed on."

by my figuring when you're dead you're dead. Nada. end o story. You may still fart but nothing is left. So, to me, there should be a rift between the living and the dead. Cuz, the two couldn't be farther apart (lest they were bush and the truth).

Now, i know my friend stephen is a god fearing man who see's things differently and that's why i'm here asking?

what sort of rift do you think there ought to be?

Now, before anyone thinks i'm shitting on stephen, i'm not. I dig stephen and i want to know more about what he thinks, so i'm calling him out, putting the big lens on and seeing what we can learn.

Or what i can learn, you buggers learn your own shit. No one is paying me to teach you anything.

See, i've always thought that death was final for a reason. I think, if we die for real at the end, then every moment we're alive becomes valuable ten fold. If we live on infinitely what difference does a year make, let alone a moment. It seems to me, that the only one that benefited from people absconding their lives for a dream of an after life were the rich and the church who were forcing people to live in intolerable ways.

but, i'm a kook like that.

Stephen, step up to the mic.

MC stephen is in da house.. woot woot.

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i, too, am very interested in what stephen has to say. bring it on, brother simon.

Posted by: jude | Jul 30, 2004 2:04:05 PM