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Friday, July 30, 2004

comic book capers.

"so ruzz, i have a problem and i need your help" he says.
i say, who are you and why are you talking to me.

long silence.

"listen ruzz, nevermind that, i need your help man. I have a situ.."
no, really, who are you?

"Can i speak for just a moment?"

"okay, thanks. I know i don't know you, but if i get her naked, will you take the pictures?"
just tell me where and when, my mama only raised the two fools and i'm not one of them.

but wait.. who is she, and why are we cataloging her body? we can't just go around cataloging them all. that would be chaos. we need a reason. a good reason.

"i'm a comic book artist here in bc and i need models for characters and she's agreed to model for me, but i can't get to calgary, i found your info in that modeling spot where you catch those girls unawares and thought i would ask for your help"

well god-damn, thats a good reason and you're doing the hard work aren't you? i'm in. i'm all in. because i've spent oodles of time working with "models" who say they want one thing and really want another and man, this is cut and dry.

and a great chance to work on some interesting form silhouettes.

"you rock ruzz. I will see if she wants to have your babies because you rock so hard"
that won't be necessary i'm not building my army of ruzz for another 10 years. but thanks.

and so it was, that some random guy talked some random girl into modeling for me.
sometimes, i love the internet.

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